Prity K13

Type of fuel – Dry woods with a moisture content of ≤20%
Energy efficiency class A
Energy efficiency index (EEI) 101
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency (ηs) % 67
Room heating output kW 12,1
Water heat output:
– nominal kW
– maximum kW
Volume of the water heater l
Maximum working pressure of the water bar
Flue gas temperature at nominal heat output °C 281
Energy efficiency at the nominal heat output % 76,2
Emission of combustion products at nominal heat output:
CO (at 13% O2) mg/Nm3 1244
PM (at 13% O2) mg/Nm3 22
NOx (at 13% O2) mg/Nm3 73
OGC (at 13% O2) mg/Nm3 10
Exhaust gas mass flow rate g/s 10,1
Minimum chimney draft Pa 13,1
Flue diameter Ø, mm 130
Fuel consumption kg/h 3,9
Fittings connection
Overall dimensions, L x B x H mm 590 x 440 x 810
Dimensions combustion chamber, L x B x H mm 522 x 370 x 385
Oven dimensions, L x B x H mm
Net weight kg 88